The Network


The objective of the Project will be pursued by an extended collaborative network, which includes Universities, and private and national research centres (contributing with expertise in chemistry, toxicology, epidemiology and psychology). This network will guarantee an integrated and multi disciplinary environment. The participating centres are from 3 EU countries (Italy, Spain, and Portugal) and an European Economic Area (EEA)/ European Free Trade Association (EFTA) country, Norway.

Some participant to the consortium are already collaborating as part of a “core group” the “European wastewater collaborative (SCORE) network”, which has recently completed a study based on wastewater analysis of controlled drugs in 42 cities of 15 European Countries (Ort C. et al., Addiction 2014, doi10.1111/add12570).

Collaboration in training and research already exists between partners also as a result of ongoing European projects (SEWPROF, a Marie Curie Project.; COST SCORE Action) and activities have resulted in significant benefits, such as exchange visits, training and increased exposure, for many young researchers working within wastewater analysis in Europe. This research training capacity in Europe will be further extended to NPS and structured through this project. The network will therefore provide the infrastructure at the European level on which ongoing training and development for researchers working in the field can be built, ensuring that the benefits of collaboration are maximised over the longer term.

IRFMN, Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, Milan, Italy

Management and Coordination of the Project

It will take care of the management and coordination of the project (WS0) and will take part to WS1 and WS3.

The MN is a non profit organization for research, education and information on biomedical sciences, and is a collaborative centre of the Italian national focal point


Ettore Zuccato

Key Staff IRFMN

Head, Laboratory of Food Toxicology Department of Environmental Health Sciences

Sara Castiglioni

Key Staff IRFMN

Emma Gracia Lor

Key Staff IRFMN


Noelia Salgueiro Gonzalez

Postdoctoral Researcher IRFMN

The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA)

Associate Partner NIVA, Oslo, Norway

Norway´s leading institute dealing with all aspects related to the aquatic environment.

Along with the other applicants, NIVA has taken a lead role in developing wastewater-based epidemiological approaches for the estimation of illicit drug use.

NIVA currently chairs the COST SCORE Action ( on wastewater-based epidemiology that all applicants are members. The SCORE Action amongst other activities coordinates annual Europe-wide surveys of illicit drugs in sewage and acts as a common point of contact to the EMCDDA and UNODC. NIVA will contribute to WS1 and WS3.


Kevin Thomas

Key staff

Malcolm Reid

Key staff

The University Jaume I, Castellon, Spain

Partner UJI

will lead WS1 and will also participate in WS3.

Felix Hernández

Key Staff

Lubertus Bijlsma

Key Staff

Faculdade de Farmacia Universidade de Lisboa

Partner FFULisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Being part of the largest Public Academic higher education institution in the country, is a highly regarded research-oriented institution, ranking first among the Schools of Pharmacy in Portugal, will lead WS2 (risk assessment of NPS) and will take part to wastewater and urine analysis (WS1 and WS3) and to the purification and/or synthesis of NPS and metabolites (WS3)

Dora Brites

Key Staff

Rui Moreira

Key Staff

Maria Bronze

Key Staff


Cristina Sampayo

Key Staff

Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal e Ciencias Forenses

Partner INMLFC, Lisbon, Portugal

Is a public Institute responsible at national level for the co-ordination, guidance and supervision of all activities related with forensic tasks, will perform qualitative analysis of NPS in WS1 on archived forensic urine samples and in samples from urgency hospital rooms. They will also participate in WS3 on quantitative analysis of NPS in wastewater

Mario Dias

Key Staff

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Ellen J Amundsen

Key Staff

Trond Nordfjærn

Key Staff

The private Institute of Health Sciences “Egas Monitz - Cooperativa de Ensino Superior

Associate partner EMCES, Lisbon, Portugal

The private Institute of Health Sciences “Egas Monitz - Cooperativa de Ensino Superior provide University courses in major areas of Health Sciences to about two thousand students, and specialized health care services, and will contribute as an associate partner to WS2, risk assessment of NPS

Alvaro Lopes

Key Staff

Alexandre Quintas, PhD, MSc, BSc

Director of Molecular Pathology Laboratory

Associate Professor ISCSEM
Coordinator of the Forensic and Criminal Science BSc degree
Coordinator of the ISCSEM Erasmus Mundus FrSci Master degree