NPSeuronet Conference, Lisbon (Portugal) 16 April 2018

Workshop NPS: Use, risk and evaluation, 16 March 2018 Lisbon (Portugal)
16 March 2018
NPSeuronet Dissemination Course 17th April 2018 Lisbon (Portugal)
17 April 2018

NPSeuronet Conference



NPSeuronet Conference

16 April 2018

Lisbon, Portugal


EMSA Building: Praça Europa 4, Cais do Sodré, 1249-289 Lisbon, Portugal

Attendees: Ettore Zuccato (EZ), Sara Castiglioni (SC), Mario Dias (MD), Suzana Simões (SS), Lubertus Bijlsma (LB), Maria Bronze (MB), Cristina Sampayo (CS), Dora Brites (DB), Rui Moreira (RM), Francesco Riva (FR), Noelia Salgueiro Gonzalez (NSG).

A one-day conference
to discuss the results of the
NPS-Euronet Project.

An opportunity for debate on new psychoactive substances (NPS) with international experts, who will present the latest findings on the identification, analysis, risk assessment and monitoring of NPS in Europe.

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