Meeting Castellon, Spain

Meeting 3

29th March 2017

Castellón, Spain


Research Institute for Pesticides and Water, University Jaume I, Castellon

Attendees: Ettore Zuccato (EZ), Sara Castiglioni (SC), Emma Gracia Lor (EGL), Mario Dias (MD), Suzana Fonsesca (SF), Alexandre Quintas (AQ), Carla Ferreira (CF) Felix Hernandez (FH), Lubertus Bijlsma (LB), Maria Ibañez (MI), Alvaro Lopes (AL), Alberto Celma (AC), David Fabregat (DF), Pedro Florindo (PF).

Apologize from: João Franco (JF), Maria Bronze (MB), Cristina Sampayo (CS), Suzana Simões (SS), Dora Brites (DB),Rui Moreira (RM) Nuno Silva (NS), Juan Vicente Sancho (JVS). Apologies were also received from the Norwegian associated partners and the project officer.  As announced in the first plenary meeting in Milan, the Norwegian members are associate partners and don’t receive budget for travelling and other activities. Their application for finance in order to be able to work was not successful and they can’t therefore perform the foreseen activities.