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    Wastewater based epidemiology: recent advances.

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    ISES 2016 annual meeting: Interdisciplinary Approaches for Health and the Environment.
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    Utrecht (the Netherlands), 10 October 2016.
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    Potential of HRMS (LC-QTOF MS) in wastewater drug testing.

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    SWEMSA 16, Solutions and Workflows in Environmental Molecular Screening and Analysis (Invited lecture).
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    Munich (Germany), 30 October 2016.
    L. Bijlsma
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    Screening of Recently Seized New Psychoactive Substances In Urine Of Potential Consumers And Urban Wastewater.

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    VIII Meeting of the Spanish Mass Spectrometry Society (SEEM).
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    Barcelona, Spain. 2017.
    A. Celma
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    Screening of New Psychoactive Substances In Urine Samples By High Resolution Mass Spectrometry.

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    XXI Reunion of the Sociedad Espagnola de Quimica Analitica.
    Place and date
    Valencia, Spain. September 5-7 2017.
    Noelia Salgueiro-Gonzalez